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We provide more than just blocked drain repair service – we also offer advice on the cause of your drainage issue and suggest solutions to prevent it from happening again in the future. This makes us the most sought-after plumber for block drain repairs on the North Shore.

There can be many causes for a blocked drain. Whether it’s your family home, an investment property or business premises, what may start as a small issue can quickly turn into something much bigger if left unattended – like a collapsed sewer line.

Addressing the issue immediately is crucial to preventing future inconvenience and expenses. Thanks to our talented team, we can quickly address the problem and provide helpful options for tackling it – and let’s be honest – no one likes a smelly drain in their home. Contact the team at North East Plumbing today and let’s get that blocked drain cleared for you.

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James was absolutely professional, and he knew exactly what he was doing. He exceeded my expectations, and I was very satisfied with the outcome.

Edward Yang

Edward Yang

Great price as quoted

The guys were punctual, explained everything to me, fixed our leaking roof for a great price, exactly as quoted. Highly recommended.

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Anamika Sethi

Work quality was top notch!

It was a small job, James did the quote then offered to do the work then and there. Very happy with it, extremely professional and quality work.

Paul Peterson

Paul Peterson

How to clear a blocked drain

When you have a blocked drain, the last thing you want is for it to take forever to clear. North East Plumbing understands this which is why we are quick and efficient in our methods, including hydro jetting. We will have your drain unblocked in no time!

If you have a blocked drain, the first thing you can do is try to unblock it yourself. This is usually possible with a plunger. Simply place the plunger over the drain and push and pull it up and down. If this doesn’t work, don’t waste your time with over-the-counter drain cleaner; call the professionals at North East Plumbing. We have a comprehensive guide on how to clear a blocked drain if you want to try some other methods first.

Hydro jets use high-pressure water to literally rip apart blockages. It’s like having blades of water slicing through tree roots. For less complicated tasks, our specialist drain cleaners can also utilise the electric eel to quickly and efficiently remove any foreign matter.

If you have a blocked drain, don’t hesitate to give North East Plumbing a call today! We will have your drain unblocked in no time!

Our Blocked Drain Repair Process

Our blocked drain repair process is designed to ensure we not only fix the issue promptly but put measures in place to prevent a reoccurrence from happening.

  • Inspect – We’ll show up to your home (same day service) and assess where the blockage is coming from in order to determine the cause of the problem. We can clear all types of drains including blocked stormwater drains, corrugated drain pipes, PVC drainage lines, copper pipes and cast iron pipes.

  • Quote – Once we know the extent of the blocked drain, we’ll provide you with a number of fixed-price options on how to solve your issue. Whether it’s a temporary repair or a long term fix, you decide the price before we go ahead with clearing your blocked drain.
  • Repair – Using our state of the art drain unblocking tools, we’ll ensure your blocked drains are cleared and ready for use ASAP. While we do this, you can sit back knowing exactly how much the plumbing work will cost.
Did you know?

Planting trees close to your sewer or stormwater drain can have a negative effect on your pipes. Trees are great at finding sources of water and if your pipes are within 10 metres of tree roots you may find it isn’t long until the roots are making there way into the pipes. We recommend you don’t have the following types of trees near your drains:

  • Bunya pine
  • Jacaranda
  • Poinciana

  • Figs
  • Wattles

Frequently Asked Questions About Blocked Drains

If you have a blocked drain or sewer, you will experience symptoms such as nasty smells, slow draining and even water coming up from the drain.
We use a CCTV camera to locate the blockage and a jetter to clear your home drains.
In our experience, tree roots, flushing foreign objects or pouring grease down the drain are the biggest culprits.
Depending on the severity of the blockage, we’ll provide you with a number of fixed-price options to get the job done whilst onsite.
If you find that there is a drain that is blocked outside, first identify which type of drain it is. If it is a stormwater drain and there is no sign of flooding, it may be possible to clear the drain using a plunger. If you identify that the blocked drain is overflowing sewage, you need to contact your local plumber straight away as this can have a significant impact on your house and health.

No gimmicks – we charge per job, not per hour.

Our Fixed-Price Guarantee means you’ll know exactly how much your job will cost before we start.

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Get a fast quote directly from our licensed plumbers James and Mitch by calling 02 9167 8204 or complete the enquiry form and they’ll be in touch shortly.